Successful Proof of Concept

We did it! The Proof of Concept worked. Of four test pilots, three were able to make sales and also received our inaugural grant. We distributed almost 1.5M GoodDollars. Now let's ramp it up!

Looking for test pilots

Are you interested in joining the proof of concept? Do you know someone who would? We only ask that you are honest with your feedback to us.

Proof of concept

We have grand plans, but let's start simple. Some action is better than none. Read about the design for our "minimum viable product" in this post.

Meet the team

Joining the team is open for anyone to collaborate and help out. Read about the original group of volunteers who started out with a blank canvas.

The original idea

Solving for utility in the GoodDollar ecosystem with inspiration from Vitalik Buterin and from GitCoin Grants