Am I EligibilE?

Eligibility criteria

  1. Must accept GoodDollar as payment for goods and / or services

  2. Must have a profile page on GoodMarket with a profile picture with your face, and with the same information as in this application: same email address, same name, same Payout Address etc.

  3. Must have at least one item or service for sale on GoodMarket and must accept G$ as payment for that item / service

  4. Must be legally allowed to sell in your market

  5. Must have a valid BrightID account. We use this to verify that you are a real person and not a bot.

  6. Must agree to appear in person on a video call when requested (on exception basis only)

  7. Must agree to spread the good word publicly if you like the project, or actively help make it better if not. Must also agree to appear in a public community blog post or newsletter post if they are successful enough to end up in the top 10% of entrepreneurs.

That last one isn't strictly speaking a criteria. But we really want your help to make the GoodDollar ecosystem better, and it takes work to do so. Please be a good community member by contributing constructively. The best way of doing so is to promote the program, and to help each other out in our Telegram channels. In short, if you're a GoodEntrepreneur then you are also a steward of this program.

You should meet all the above criteria BEFORE applying to this program. If you don't have a business yet, start one first. If you don't accept G$ yet, make sure to have at least a few payments first. If you don't have a profile on GoodMarket yet, create one first. If you don't have a BrightID yet, then go get one and also attend a "connection party" before coming back here. None of these things are hard to do. We have faith in you. You can do it!!

Important Footnotes

  • Partial payments are OK. The whole sales amount does not have to be paid in G$.

  • Only payments from whitelisted wallets will count.

    • If your customers send you money from a non-whitelisted wallet or from a smart contract, then it will not count towards the MicroGrant.

    • Whitelisting means that they are able to claim daily UBI = passed the FaceScan for that wallet address.

    • As an Entrepreneur, your business pay-to address does not have to be whitelisted.

  • You don't have to sell everything or even a majority through GoodMarket.

    • It's perfectly OK to sell most of your items in a local store or on a different online marketplace such as But please describe these in your application.

  • You cannot sell illegal products or services. We encourage entrepreneurs to operate in the spirit of doing Good for humanity.

  • Loans, grants and donations are typically not eligible towards MicroGrants. You must self-report any significant such to the admin team.

  • We will rarely ask to see you on a video call.

    • In case you are not already verified on BrightID we will ask for one call to verify that you are a real person and help you get connected.

    • We may also ask for a call on exception basis if there are questions about the legitimacy of your operations.

  • We reserve the right to ban any entrepreneur from the program at any time for not following these rules or the spirit of this program.