We communicate openly in a few different public telegram groups. Feel free to join in, it's as easy as clicking on one of the links below.

  • Builders - Started by an ex-GoodDollar employee, this group also includes some current GD employees who help navigate some of the technical design questions. Join here.

  • Marketing - Our second group who created the infographics, this website, twitter feed and other user-facing content. We try to push the message and build awareness of this campaign. Join here.

  • Donors - Support for anyone wondering about the donation process. Join here.

  • Entrepreneurs - Support group for entrepreneurs and sellers to share ideas on how to set up and succeed in creating local circular economies, and all other questions. This is an inclusive space, we all help each other... Join here.

  • DAO - This is for the admins who review the signups, analyze on-chain transactions, calculate the quadratic formulas, and trigger the monthly airdrops. (TBD. Not started yet)

We encourage anyone to join, regardless of experience. This community is happy to help, guide, and support. There is plenty to do, and we can give you a small task to start out with if you want to learn