we are Looking for test pilots: You in?

The month of January 2023 is our very first proof-of-concept test. We are hoping that a few brave volunteers to join. Are you one of them?

There is not much to it.

  • Create your profile and an ad on GoodMarket. Then tell us about the experience. What can be improved with the marketplace? (It's not in our direct scope of control, it's managed by the GoodDollar Foundation, so we can't make all your suggestions happen. But we can nudge them.)

  • Then simply fill in the signup form, and tell us about that experience. What can we improve with the form?

  • Then start selling some stuff, and accept GoodDollar as payment. You might have to explain the whole thing to them, or just send them to the wallet to sign up.

  • Wait for the airdrop to show up the following month.

  • If you had a fantastic experience then it would be great if you could then write a blog post, or tweet something, or post on your favorite social media to spread the good word and get more to sign up. If the experience was not what you wanted then let us know privately please ;-)