Placeholder page for the DAO - decentralized autonomous organization - that we need to create to manage the monthly airdrop process, and any other admin that might come up. If you are interested in helping out setting up a DAO then please let us know in the builders telegram channel here.

Suggested activities include

  • Writing a constitution

  • Coming up with a way to compensate the dao members in some small way

  • Drafting a role description for DAO members, by role (e.g. analytics lead, website admin, marketing lead, entrepreneur support, donor engagement, developer advocate)

  • Drafting a process flow for the monthly routines

  • Selecting and setting up a DAO on a platform (e.g. coordinape, dework, or similar)

  • Designing this page

  • Voting procedure

  • Which parameters should the DAO typically vote on (e.g. banning of an entrepreneur that misbehaves, setting max cap per entrepreneur per month and other quadratic formula parameters, how long can an entrepreneur stay in the system, admitting new DAO members, etc.)